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Enterprise Grants Forum

The Enterprise Grants Forum is a community of practice for state agency grant management professionals. The forum supports collaboration in a common venue of shared learning, establishes a state-wide team to work toward improving the overall efficiency and accountability in grants, allows grant professionals to connect with other practitioners and gain perspective from different viewpoints, and creates an environment of sharing knowledge and best practices.


Forum participants are anyone within the state that works on a grant throughout its lifecycle including financial managers, program administrators or coordinators, and auditors or monitoring personnel. The forum has meetings at least quarterly.

Enterprise Grants Forum Mission

Strengthening Statewide Accountability in Grants through:

  • Building relationships that enable each member to learn and become stronger stewards of grant funds,
  • Developing a shared understanding of best practices,
  • Creating opportunities to share challenges or ideas and develop solutions to improve the statewide grant community, and
  • Committing to develop and implement resources and/or strategies that improve accountability in grants.

If you are a state agency grant management professional and interested in receiving invites to meetings, please email grants@obm.ohio.gov