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For State Agencies

This section is a resource for State Agencies both receiving federal grants and administering grants to sub-recipients.

State agency staff must have access to the State of Ohio Grants Portal in order to submit a Funding Opportunity. To request access, email, and indicate that you are requesting access to the Ohio Grants Portal. Include your SOUID and agency name with the request.

Cash Management Improvement Act

The Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA) requires an annual agreement between the US Department of Treasury and each state. The CMIA was created in 1990 to minimize the time states were holding federal funds prior to disbursing to local governments or public assistance recipients. This agreement is jointly signed at the beginning of each fiscal year and identifies the applicable federal programs and the funding patterns they are required to follow. Additionally, Ohio Revised Code 131.36 requires a CMIA Implementation Plan be approved by Controlling Board each year which outlines our approach.

For more information: Cash Management Improvement Act Website


Treasury-State Agreements

Treasury-State Agreement Plans

Policies, Resources, Manuals and Training

For all current grant policies, agencies may access the State Accounting Fiscal Essentials SAFE Policy Manual.


Ohio Grants Partnership Policy

The purpose of this policy is to encourage a broad, statewide, comprehensive strategy involving the administration of grants to maximize the value of grant funding secured by state agencies and local governments in Ohio, to strengthen federal, state, and local grant partnerships, and to positively impact the lives of Ohioans.

View the full policy


The following resources are helpful for State Agency staff involved in grant administration.


COVID-19 Guidance - Procurements Under FEMA Awards During Periods or Emergency or Exigency